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A glimpse behind the scenes with Karin Denzler, founder of Fundalingua

I was born in the German speaking part of Switzerland in 1970 where I lived and worked till my 30th. After completing my commercial vocational training, I went on to study languages in England and France. In Switzerland, I worked for a recruitment and selection agency and the marketing department of a publishing company among others. I spent the winter of 1994 as a hostess of a tourist resort in the Maldives. On my return to Switzerland, I took a Public Relations course and I worked for an international communications agency in Zurich for a number of years. My passion for travelling, foreign languages and cultures led me to Madagascar in 2000. This is where I crossed paths with a Dutchman, who made my heart beat faster. One year later, I moved to Haarlem in the Netherlands, where I have been living ever since.

Naturally, I had to overcome all the usual language and cultural obstacles associated with moving to another country. But I actually saw this as a fantastic challenge from which I have learnt a lot. I find Dutch a beautiful language. I have enjoyed immersing myself into the study of it and have subsequently made my career out of it.
In 2004, I started working as a translator, Dutch-German. Through the years, a large international network of fellow translators, interpreters and editors has grown around me. This formed the basis for the creation of Fundalingua. We are now a dynamic network of freelance translators, interpreters and editors who are experts in the most diverse languages and areas of expertise.

The things that unite us are maximum flexibility and a passion for language. And of course, the internet because the 'www' is, after all, our shared 'office'. So instead of expensive overheads, we offer you a dynamic and enthusiastic team of extremely motivated and highly qualified language professionals.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Karin Denzler

Founder of Fundalingua translation services
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